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Priti is an Innovative, Seasoned Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with over 16 years of IT experience in India as well as International market. Since September 2012, she has been appointed as a MCT Regional Lead by Microsoft for India Region. She has worked as a Developer, Team Lead, Consultant, and Technical Evangelist in Database and SharePoint Community ranging from Database Administration, Performance Tuning, Optimization, Business Intelligence, Analysis Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services, SharePoint Development, SharePoint Administration and SharePoint Business Intelligence. She is analytical, result oriented and has an exposure to variety of technologies. Being a high energy Professional with a successful track record her efficient and self-reliant approach has made her a Brand Name in itself among the Corporates.

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Chaitanya, the ‘think tank’ behind our ‘MCT FOCUS PROGRAM’ and the co–founder of Edifice is a Software Professional with 5+ years of IT Experience. Being the MCT REGIONAL LEAD and a self-motivated entrepreneur, he is always in pursuit of excellence in every activity he is involved in. The “Self-motivated” spirit makes him strive for improvement in every sphere of activity. He has a varied spectrum of experience as a Software Engineer, Technical Trainer and a Business Developer. His extensive varied experience in the Corporate Training industry, right from being a part of Accenture Services as a Software Engineer to training Corporate Professionals in SQL Server 2008/2012, Business intelligence and SharePoint 2010/2013, has given him the required exposure to all the different facets of the Training Ladder. This exposure and experience has helped in maturing a Dynamic Consultant and Trainer in Chaitanya.

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