Power BI

Power BI - Introduction & Applications

Course Outline


  1. Power BI overview
  2. Power BI versus Excel Reporting
  3. Cloud vs On-Prem Reporting
  4. Introduction to Power Query
  5. Introduction to the M language
  6. Power Query Transformations
  7. Introduction to Power Pivot
  8. Introduction to the DAX language
  9. Query context and the CALCULATE function
  10. Introduction to Power View / Power BI reporting
  11. Differences between Excel / Power BI Desktop
  12. Building a Report
  13. Custom Visuals
  14. Power Query Functions
  15. Consuming Web sources in Power Query
  16. Shaping Data Models in Power Query
  17. Creating Business calculations: DAX Filter Context
  18. Time Intelligence calculations
  19. Publishing to Power BI cloud service
  20. Creating a Dashboard
  21. Power BI Q&A Natural Language
  22. Mobile Consumption
  23. Using the Personal Gateway
  24. Bring your own data
  25. Data profiling using Power Query/Power Pivot
  26. Building the ideal data model for the specified Subject Area
  27. Custom functions/transforms in Power Query
  28. Custom business calculations in DAX/Power Pivot
  29. Building a Power BI dashboard for the specified Subject Area
  30. Publishing to Power BI
  31. Create a working sample of an actual report

Duration: 32 Hours
Course Fee: INR. 40,000 + Tax

Power BI Immersion

Course Outline


Duration: 8 Hours
Course Fee: INR. 10,000 + Tax