Typically the POC is “one to throw away” it’s built such that you can get something working quickly on your box to show that it can be done but it’s not actually going to be part of the finished product. You might use the code to guide your production implementation or you might just take what you learned and build it again from scratch. It’s usually also time-boxed (matching with the concept of a research spike in iterative development) so you agree what the problem is you’re trying to solve and how long you’ve got to explore the solution. Proof of Concepts are used for different reasons.

How does Edifice help you in this?

We create a POC to help you understand your project specific technical risks like:

  • The performance of a product or its ability to integrate with external system.
  • To evaluate different technology options for later selection e.g. choice of web server or database.
  • To demonstrate how the product might work with a view to informing UX, design and business decisions over its features.


  • You quickly learn whether what you want to do is achievable
  • You quickly learn whether what you want to do is desirable
  • You have a justified choice of technology

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