Webinars are the most-respected Web programs in the training industry, featuring international thought leaders presenting insights, ideas and advice. The free sessions provide timely, strategic information about the business of learning, current trends impacting workforce development, best practices for training and talent management and practical information on the latest tools and technology.

We are specialized in providing webinars to national as well as international clients and our CTO has already conducted 500+ successful Webinars,here are a few benefits-

  • Convenience – Since webinars take place over the Internet directly on your computer, there is no need to leave the office or factor in travel time. Because of this, many professionals are using webinars as a time-efficient, cost-effective method of training and delivering knowledge to their staff.
  • Affordability –  Besides the fact that there are no travel costs involved with attending a Webinar, the price of attending a webinar is typically much lower than other training options. Additionally, multiple participants can train together by viewing the webinar at a single location and therefore pay for only one connection. An entire team can gather in one conference room to attend together and discuss the webinar contents without having to invest time and money traveling to and from a physical seminar location. Because of all this, pricing per person for training by webinar tends to be much lower than many other alternatives.
  • Efficiency
  • Long Term Value – Many webinars offer the option to access the contents and materials again for some time after the event has ended. Because of this, participants can review the presentation multiple times, helping them revisit the materials for reference and apply the contents as needed.
  • Ease of Use- Registering for and attending Webinars is an easy process with Edifice achieved over the Internet with a standard computer browser and requires no more skill than using the average email program.

In conclusion, whatever your requirements may be, webinars present a very affordable and highly effective way of delivering training.